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What are AKS Boxes?

Our customized AKS (Acts of Kindness and Selflessness) Boxes include essential items such as toiletries, hygiene and household products, PLUS a personalized gift.  

AKS Boxes can be purchased as a monthly subscription or one-time gift. 


An AKS Box for Every Occasion . . .


$39 - $65 / month

With a subscription, you can automatically send an AKS Box to  a student, senior citizen or anyone every month.



$39 - $130 / month

Send a gift box to anyone who can use a little extra love. Order as often as you like.



Who Needs an AKS Box?

  • An AKS Box is perfect for parents, grandparents or that super senior in your life. The AKS Box serves as a means of additional support to bridge the gap between limited income and their basic personal and household needs.


    Although many are recipients of government support (Medicare, SNAP, etc.), our senior citizens still need products that are not covered by these programs.

    We can tailor an AKS Box to accommodate your loved ones whether they reside in assisted living facilities, or they’re living independently. 


  • Every year, thousands of students leave home to attend colleges in cities and states outside of their hometowns.

    We've all been there: young, with little to no discretionary income, and trying to survive the balance between fun and school work. How awesome would it be to send a monthly care package to your favorite college student to help him find that happy middle?

    An added benefit to both the parents and the student is a reduction in time, inconvenience, and transportation costs associated with shopping for these items.


  • Often times we want to do more for others, but life gets in the way. Let AKS help! We will send a care package to your favorite soldier.


    An AKS Box is a GREAT way to show your patriotism and appreciation to our heroes! Send an AKS Box to a friend, relative or a complete stranger to say, "Thank you!"


  • Do you have a loved one in the hospital who needs a special gift? 


    Perhaps you may know a family, friend or even a stranger who'd greatly appreciate an AKS Box? We have several options to accommodate most requests.


    Contact us directly to learn more.


WHY an AKS Box Works




AKS Boxes work because they not only bridge the gap between limited income and basic necessities, but they also provide convenience to the purchaser who is short on time but wants to gift an individual.



 We ship directly to your loved one every month, so that your gift reaches the recipient on, or before the same day of the month, each month. We plan accordingly to accommodate holidays.



You don't have to fight traffic or experience the stress associated with shopping. The products will be delivered directly to them. Spend more time visiting and not shopping.



A monthly subscription saves time, gas, and gives you peace of mind because you know your loved one will receive what they need, on time, every month.

HOW an AKS Box Works

Simply purchase a monthly subscription for your loved one and we will send them a personalized box on the same day of every month.

- OR -

Purchase a one-time gift anytime, for anybody.


That's it!


NO contracts, NO fluctuating costs, and shipping is always FREE for U.S. recipients.

About AKS Box


We guarantee reliability on all products. When you shop with AKS Box, you can feel confident that your purchase is of the highest standard. Customer retention is our priority.


Your happiness and satisfaction is our priority. If you have any comments or questions regarding customer service, products, shipping, etc. please contact us.


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